The complete off grid storage solution.

Solair World Europe off grid storage system

Solair World India are pleased to introduced the Solar Cube Plus+ Off grid inverter and battery storage systems. These systems are designed to be completely ‘Plug & Play’, the systems are available in 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5kw & 7kw systems.

The Solar Cube Plus+ is designed for places where there is either no available or unreliable utility power. You may simple want to replace the grid power system with a versatile and stable off grid solution.

Whether in the tropical mountains of PNG or the mining camps in the Sub-Saharan deserts the Solar Cube Plus+ is made to survive these climates with an IP25 rated dust and water protection.

The Solar Cube Plus+ and all accessories meet the strictest international standards. Solair World Europe is committed to reducing energy usage in both residential and commercial environments.

All the Solar Cube Plus+ systems include batteries, solar controller, inverter, solar panels and come pre-wired and tested for easy installation.

All Solar Cube Plus+ systems can be attached to backup power systems such as generators or grid tied if utility power is available.

2Kw Off Grid Solar Storage System

The Solar Cube Plus+ is available in 110v/50~60hz & 220v/50~60htz output. The system can be configured to your specific needs and is water rated to IP25 protection, making it a first choice for people looking for power generation and storage is harsh conditions.

Solair World India Renewable & Solar Lighting Solutions.

We are excited to offer you a range of solar powered outdoor lighting Easy installation. No cables needed, Light output can be adjusted automatically. As we add to our range this year we will bring you more new and innovative indoor lighting that includes the latest LED technology combined with low voltage technology.

The Solar Out Door Light/Street & Park Lighting.

Lithum-ion LiFePO4, High efficiency Mono solar panel, LED chip from EPISTAR, with IP65 water and dust rating.

LED’s available in 12v – 8w, 12w, 15w, 20w, 25w, 30w, 40w, 50w and 60w systems with 50,000hrs life time.

Custom options available light on at dusk, light off at dawn auto. PIR motion sensor detection. Full power lighting when a human move in the sensors range. 30% power lighting when no human movement.

Global Lighting Solutions in Partnership with The World Bank.

Solair World India Energy Station.

Solar Lighting Kit

Each system includes a 5 W PV Module with a 5m cable and a portable solar energy charger.

Three 1,2 W LED lights each including a 3 m cable and switch button and a Luminous flux 320 lm

A rechargeable battery LiFePo4500mAh 6,4 VA USB port for charging mobile phones

The new Plus version contains a rechargeable battery with a new material: LiFePO 44500mAh 6,4 V with increased thermal resistance and longer life span..

The IPT Solar Energy Station is the latest solar lighting kit that incorporates the newest technologies and energy storage. The Energy Station completed testing and received the Lighting Global certification (In conjunction with the World Bank) in August 2015. The Energy Station is ideally suited for off grid lighting situation in remote area or where there is no mains/utility power available.

Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s platform supporting sustainable growth of the international off-grid lighting market as a means of increasing energy access to people not connected to grid electricity.

Through Lighting Global, IFC and the World Bank work with the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), manufacturers, distributors, and other development partners to develop the off-grid lighting market.

True Solar Air Conditioning – 100% Off Grid

True Solar Air Conditioning is here, the latest Solair World advancement in air conditioning. The Solar Air Conditioner is the latest addition to the Solair World family of products, the 48v DC system runs from the power of the sun through a solar controller and battery bank. The system can be scaled to meet your personal requirements running from day only to a complete 24 hour system*. The Solar Air Conditioner uses the latest world leading DC inverter technology compressors from Toshiba.

Key Features.

  • True 48v DC system – not a hybrid
  • Available in various sizes from 12000 – 26000 btu.
  • Can be sized to run day only or up to 24 hours.
  • Systems is designed around your own needs and location.
  • Complete green, renewable power source from the sun.
  • One time investment for a life time enjoyment!
  • Energy-Saving and Eco-Friendly

*System needs to be designed for you location and available sunlight hours