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Solair World India CatologueThe New Solair World India Solar Home Kit.

Solar Home Kit

Solair World India – Solar Home Kit

The new home kit is ideal for small homes and rural properties or villages. The new home kit comes with 1kw solar PV panels, 4 x 12v 50ah batteries and the IPT CS 1500w solar controller inverter, solar wires and battery straps. The solar inverter has 2 power sockets so electrical appliances can be attached to it directly. The Solar Home Kit can be sized from 500w to 2kw and battery from 40ah to 150ah depending on your needs. Simple put the panels in place, connect the wires and plug the system in (always seek professional advice and help) the system will be ready to do. The IPT CS 1500 can also tie into your grid power in case you need a backup system if the panels and batteries run to low. The IPT CS 1500 has a built in 48v DC output port that can be used to run small DC powered systems including air conditioners, refrigerators and lighting systems. Ideal usages are day only office or kiosks, community centers, air conditioners, communal or village refrigerator & freezers. Aslo ask about about our solar village lighting kits and community lighting, that are all self contained.

Solar & Renewable Energy Solutions.

Solair World India are continuously seeking to improve their range of products offered IPT Solar - Solar Cube Plus+to you. We have introduced the Solar Cube Plus+ Off grid inverter and battery storage systems. These systems are designed to be ‘Plug & Play’, the systems are available in 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5kw & 7kw systems.

All systems include batteries, solar controller, inverter, solar panels and come pre-wired and tested for easy installation. All Solar Cube Plus+ systems can be attached to backup power systems such as generators.

The Solar Cube Plus+ is available in 110v/50~60hz & 220v/50~60htz output. The system can be configured to your specific needs and is water rated to IP25 protection, making it a first choice for people looking for power generation and storage is harsh conditions.

The Solar Cube Plus+ is ideal for remote locations and communities that require grid equivalent power sources without the expense. Solair World Europe is committed to reducing energy usage in both residential and commercial environments.

We offer a wide range of products including solar energy storage, solar power systems both on-grid and off-grid. Solar Panels (PV), Wind Turbines, Solar Fridge & Solar Freezers, Battery Banks and backup generators. We also offer solar farm design and management with remote monitoring through our industry partners.


Solar Lights – Lighting Global Quality Standards.

Energy StationEnergy Station is an ideal solution for areas where there is no connection to the electrical grid. It is particularly designed for the Off-Grid Market. Each bulb of the three illuminates a 9 sqm room. Energy Station can also be used to charge various types of mobile phones.

The Energy Station includes:

√  A 5 W PV Module with a 5m cable

√ A Portable Solar Energy Charger

√ Three 1,2 W LED lights each including a 3 m cable and switch button

√ Luminous flux 320 lm

√ A rechargeable battery LiFePo 4500mAh 6,4 V

√ A USB port for charging mobile phones

√ Phone charge adapters included

Energy Station has been tested according to the Quality Test Method (QTM) and meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards.

The tests were completed in August 2015 at the Schatz Energy Research Center in Arcata, California.

Solair World India & IPT Solar offer the FuturaSun Energy Station boasting excellent results: after 2,000 hours run time the original output of the lights remains 102%!

The run time of solar charging is 3.3 hours with 3 lights on and 9.6 hours with one light on per day.

Solar Fridge & Freezers

solar fridge freezerSolair World India through its industry partnership has introduces its own Solar Fridge & Freezer range. Our range combines the technology and experience of one of the market leaders in refrigeration to produce our own stunning range of both fridge/freezer combinations or individual units.

All units can be run on a renewable energy source, including solar or wind, with either internal/external battery storage and grid backup adapters available if required. Our solar fridge & solar freezer range is from 70L to 300L in size, including upright and chest freezer units. The units are sold as individual components so you can build the system around your own needs.

ACDC Air Conditioners 

Solar Air ConditionerSolair World India has added the ACDC air conditioners to its range. The ACDC air conditioners run by both solar PV and utility power to maximize the availability of the sun, during available hours the solar panels will produce the electricity required to run the air conditioner unit, then when there is not enough light to power the unit it will draw the electricity it needs from the grid or backup system.

The ACDC Solar Air Conditioner does not need an inverter, solar controllers or batteries, everything that is required is built into the air conditioner our door unit. Solair World India stock a full range of ACDC split air conditioner systems. These include the 2.6kw/9000btu. 3.5kw/12000btu, 5.6kw/18000btu and 7.2kw/24000btu size systems.